Chef s Special

Served with Rice (White Rice, Plain Fried Rice $1.75, Egg Fried Rice $3.99, Vegetable Fried Rice $4.19, Chicken Fried Rice $4.29, Pork Fried Rice $4.29, Beef Fried Rice $4.59, Shrimp Fried Rice $4.79)
or Lo Mein (Plain Lo Mein $3.75, Vegetable Lo Mein $4.59, Chicken Lo Mein $4.69, Roast Pork Lo Mein $4.69, Beef Lo Mein $4.89, Shrimp Lo Mein $4.99).
Extra Sauce On The Side $1.95.
S1. Happy Family
Scallop, beef, shrimp, chicken, pork w. veg. and brown sauce
S2. Seafood Delight
Lobster, jumbo shrimp, scallop, crab meat w. Chinese vegetables in chef’s special white sauce
S3. Jumbo Shrimp and Scallop w. Garlic Sauce $12.99
S4. Boneless Chicken
Fried chicken w. mix veg
S5. Triple Delight
Shrimp, chicken, beef w. vegetable
S6. Lemon Chicken $10.99
S7. Orange Beef $10.59
S8. Four Season
Shrimp, chicken, beef, roast pork w. veg.
S9. General Tso's Shrimp $11.99
S10. Kung Pao Double Ding
Chicken & Shrimp
S11. Chicken and Beef Szechuan Style $10.99
S12. Hunan Double Delight
Chicken and Shrimp
S13. Dragon and Phoenix
General tso's chicken, shrimp & vegetable